Ginger Crushing Machine (Floor Type)

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Located in Taiwan, JYU FONG MACHINERY CO., LTD., since 1968, is a commercial food machine supplier and manufacturer in food machinery industry. Major food machine, including ice shaver, Kumquat, lemon & ginger crusher, electric meat grinder, wheatgrass masticating juicer, soybean grinding and separating machine, mixer, noodle making machine and squid rolling machine.

Commercial food machine with ergonomic design, CE certified motors, Japanese stainless steel blades, and designed brass plates. Fujimarca's has a team of eliltes with over 70% of member who have more than 18 years' practical experience, and who provide technical troubleshooting and resolve difficulties in a timely manner.

Fujimarca has been offering customers high-quality commercial food machines, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Fujimarca ensures each customer's demands are met.

Ginger Crushing Machine (Floor Type)


This model is a good helper for preparing cracked gingers, lemons and kumquats. It has three gears to make fruits and vegetables broken mainly but not for juicing. Through this step the flavor release during cooking. This model can break 40-53 pounds of raw gingers in every 10 minutes.

The design is simple and safe. Only one switch to control the forward and backward. When putting gingers into the upper input, the cracked gingers comes out from the front tray, and the juice comes out from the rear one. The higher input port protects your hands from going into the machine.

Our motor got CE and UL certified. Stainless steel plates cover the machine, which protects the main gears inside. In addition, the juice will not splash everywhere during the process and keep the environment neatly. The floor type has wheels that are easy to move. If you’d like to know more information, please leave your message on the sheets down below.

Jyu Fong Machinery's brand name is "FUJIMARCA" that has been lasted for over 50 years. We have fruitful experience in export, and we are looking for agents worldwide. For more information, please contact us.


1. The cover and main gears are made of stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic.
2. Cracked gingers and juice come out by separated output.
3. After connecting the plug, only one switch to forward. Very easy!
4. It can process 18-24 kg of ginger in every 10 minutes.
5. It can save the workforce and avoid occupational diseases due to excessive use of shoulders and hands.
6. The motor is CE and UL certified.
7. Higher input entrance and wheels are different design from table type.

Comparison Table

Comparison of Table Type and Floor Type
ModelMC-904 Table TypeMC-905 Floor Type
PowerGear motor 1/8 HPGear motor 1/2 HP
Voltage *110V / 60Hz110V / 60Hz
Adjustment Space Of Gears± 3 mm± 3 mm
Gears Width11 cm24 cm
Capacity **9-12 kg / 10 mins18-24 kg / 10 mins
Machine Size46 x 45 x 30 cm / 44 kg36 x 48 x 62 cm / 62 kg

* Please note the voltage you need.
** Raw gingers for example.


Ginger/Lemon/ Kumquat Crushing machine, only breaking the fruits not extracting the juice. Made of stainless steel board, no more rusting.

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    This machine can help you to crush the fruits and gingers into broken so that the flavor comes out while cooking. This model looks like the sugarcane machine, but the purpose is not a juicer. It makes the surface area of gingers or lemons bigger by three Stainless Steel gear. You can adjust the space of the gears slightly to control the fineness of gingers and lemons, which is ± 3 mm.The application is including gingers, lemons, kumquats, etc. It can break 20 - 26 pounds of raw gingers every 10 minutes, which can save the workforce and save lots of time. Stainless steel plates cover the machine, and the gears are the same material. The juice will not splash everywhere while crushing and keep the environment neatly. Our motor got CE and UL certified, which is safe and durable. Jyu Fong Machinery established since 1968. We have fruitful experience in export, and we are looking for agents worldwide. For more information, please contact us.