MC-606 Automatic Soybean-milk Cooking Machine 60L

MC-606 Automatic Soybean-milk Cooking Machine 60L

Product Feature

  1. Never sticks to the cooker and never scorch:
    1. Strong power stirrer and stainless steel brush of pot bottom can be rotate stably. It can make soybean milk be cooked uniformly and never be scorched. The stirrer can be disassembled easily and so it's easy and sanitary to wash pot.
  2. Design to keep warm after boiling:
    1. To set boiling temperature, when it reaches the boiling point, this machine will beep and flash and then change big fire into small fire t automatically to keep warm after boiling. Resistance temperature sensor makes temperature setting more accurate、safe and hygienic.
  3. To save labor, gas and time:
    1. Because of automatic cooking uniformly and never sticking to the cooker, you can save labor by a wide margin and save gas cost of 30% , and save time of 50%.
  4. Safe and hygienic, not to occupy large space:
    1. All controller cases is made of stainless steel material, so it's safe and hygienic. Upright design makes the machine not to occupy large space.

Product Specification

Model Automatic soybean-milk cooking machine 60L - 25W
Gas Liquified Petroleum Gas / Liquified Natural Gas
Machine size / weight 65 x 65 x 93 cm / 54 kg
Boiler Size Diameter 54 cm