MC-604 High Speed Bean Grinding Separating Machine - 1HP

High Speed Bean Grinding Separating Machine - 1HP

Product Feature

  1. We use one screw to install or take apart the grindstone easily. (Note: the old way is to assemble inconveniently by using 3 or 4 small screws. It makes small screws disappear frequently) It improves the cleaning work more convenient.
  2. Stainless steel filter is not easy to reverse deformation.
  3. "Special spring patent design" makes the fine or coarse adjustment of grinder easier.
  4. Grinding and separating accomplish at a time. After filter,the soybean milk smells so nice and the dried soybean dregs looks like snowflakes.
  5. Our machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy and processed precisely. It looks artistic and long-wearing and does not occupy space.
  6. Motor has special multiple watertight design and pass through the CE, UL, CSA, ISO9002 standard approve.
  7. Soybean stirrer is made of stainless steel, it makes the soybean grinding faster and more long-wearing.
  8. To clamp the electric wire is a appropriate design to prevent being wet or pulled off.

Product Specification

Model High Speed Bean Grinding Separating Machine - 1HP
Diameter of grinding stone Corundum / 92mm
Machine size / weight 40 x 40 x 63 cm / 21 kg
Packing size / weight 44 x 44 x 67 cm / 23 kg
Output Soybean:Per hour 10~20 kg
Speed 2800/3600 R.P.M
Using to It is used in processing plants for tofu, dried bean curd, bean hull, beancurd, soy milk and organic fertilizer.