MC-603 5" Soybean & Rice Grinding Machine - 0.5HP

Soy Milk Making Machine, Commercial Soy Milk Machine

Product Feature

  1. We originate to use three-point adjustment of stainless steel screw spring nut and another six-point fine tuning for the proper adjustment of grindstones. It can be easier to adjust and never rust or oxidize to get stuck even after long time use.
  2. We use aluminum-alloy accurate die-casting of unity forming.
  3. Super horsepower, high-speed grinding fine rice-grinding, small volume and convenient for carrying.
  4. Provide electric power switch and electric wire clamp, it's safe and convenient.

Product Specification

Model 5”Soybean & Rice Grinding Machine - 0.5HP
Diameter of grinding stone Corundum / 125mm
Machine size / weight 42 x 33 x 105 cm / 18 kg
Packing size / weight

Body: 32 x 32 x 47 cm / 16kg
Parts: 27 x 27 x 36 cm / 4kg

Output Rice: Per hour 20~50 kg
Soybean: Per hour 20~40 kg
Using to It is suitable for grinding beans, rice, soy sauce, grain food, etc., and is made into soy milk and rice milk.