MC-709SE(A) Snow Ice Planer (A)

Snow Ice Machine Taiwan

Product Feature

  1. Shaving ice quickly, operate steadily, safe, and low noise.
  2. CE certified motor
  3. Nail of catch plate is a food grade stainless steel nail, hygienic ,safe and never rust.
  4. Durable and sharp blade: Japan imported steel, manufactured in Taiwan
  5. Durable brass plate and patented feature for easy cleaning.
  6. The ice can be adjusted to thin and rough quickly.

Product Specification

Model Snow Ice Planer (A)
Power 1/4HP
Machine size / weight 46 x 33 x 72 cm / 35 kg
Packing size / weight 47 x 34.5 x 80 cm / 37 kg
Standard accessories Blade,Wrench,Screwdriver and Fast blade adjuster