Cube Ice Shaver

For Small Pieces Clear Ice Cubes / All the productions are 100% made in Taiwan. We do QC on every step, so we bring you the best quality. We have strict supervision and control to ensure that the quality can be seen and felt.

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Located in Taiwan, JYU FONG MACHINERY CO., LTD., since 1968, is a commercial food machine supplier and manufacturer in food machinery industry. Major food machine, including ice shaver, Kumquat, lemon & ginger crusher, electric meat grinder, wheatgrass masticating juicer, soybean grinding and separating machine, mixer, noodle making machine and squid rolling machine.

Commercial food machine with ergonomic design, CE certified motors, Japanese stainless steel blades, and designed brass plates. Fujimarca's has a team of eliltes with over 70% of member who have more than 18 years' practical experience, and who provide technical troubleshooting and resolve difficulties in a timely manner.

Fujimarca has been offering customers high-quality commercial food machines, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Fujimarca ensures each customer's demands are met.

Cube Ice Shaver


Cube ice shaver is a commercial machine for small pieces of mineral water ice cubes, which size of each is under 2.6 x 2.6 cm. In each round, you can put about a kilogram of ice, and it is roughly equal to a medium bowl of ice. This model is suitable for those who want to reduce the pollution of ice, or it's challenging to access ice blocks. Sanitary ice cubes are better to make by yourself. You can control the source of water and the process of quality. Moreover, the operation is straightforward and easy to maintain. In conclusion, this model is the best choice for business.

Please close the cover well, or the machine will not run. We suggest you shave the ice for once and all. Do not leave the ice in the container. After the ice melt into water, it would hurt the motor behind.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your message below.


1. The capacity of the machine is 1kg of ice at once. (About 90 pieces of 2.6 x 2.6 cm)
2. When the cover is opening, the device will stop running automatically. It is safer to use.
3. It is easy to disassemble in cleaning, and the operation is straightforward.


  • Power: 1/4HP
  • Machine Size / Weight: 39 x 29 x 42 cm / 19 kg
  • Packing Size / Weight: 42 x 34 x 58 cm / 21kg
  • Output: 1.8 kg - 10.5 kg / min

Comparison Table

ModelProduct NameCoatingRoughness Of Ice FlakesAdditional PartsCatching Place
FineMediumCrunchyStainless DoorGear Cover
MC-709SE-ACommercial Electric Snow Ice Shaver - StandardGeneral (Blue)VVV20 cm
MC-709SE-BCommercial Electric Snow Ice Shaver - Premium PaintPremium (Silver)VVV
MC-709SE-CCommercial Electric Snow Ice Shaver - DustproofPremium (Silver)VVVVV
MC-709SE-HCommercial Electric Fine Ice Shaver - Dustproof & High TypePremium (Silver)VVVVV30 cm
MC-716SHStainless Steel Electric Block Ice ShaverStainless SteelVVVVV35 cm
MC-728SCommercial Fine Ice ShaverPlasticVVV20 cm
MC-711SManual Ice ShaverRegular (Green)VV20 cm
MC-709SBlock Ice Shaver (Crunchy Ice)Regular (Green)VV
MC-709S-HManual/Electric Dual Ice ShaverRegular (Green)VV
MC-710SElectric Ice Shaver & Slush Machine 2 in 1Regular (Green)VV
MC-717SCube Ice ShaverPlasticVV


For Small Pieces Clear Ice Cubes

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