Automatic Soybean - Milk Cooking Machine (60L & 90L)

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Automatic Soybean - Milk Cooking Machine (60L & 90L)

MC-606-1, MC-606-2

Automatic Cooking Machine is a commercial model for cooking soybean milk, milk tea, or black tea. Compared to cook by man, you can save the gas cost of 30%, and keep the time of 50%.

The minimum line of liquid is 30% of the barrel, and the maximum is about 80%. The material of the boiler is aluminum alloy. (Stainless steel is available, too) Moreover, the vertical design can save your space. We provide a complete set of spare parts and a detailed graphical instruction manual for installation.
To solve the problems of bottom charred and spillover, this model has a stainless steel brush stirs while cooking, so no precipitation, no charred. A thermometer and timer to control the degreed of cooking, and do not need a man to monitor. If the temperature reaches 90-degree Celsius (or the time's up), the fire will turn lower automatically, and the beep will notify you. Then, switch to manual mode and boil the soybean milk twice or three times until it is well. There are two types of energy sources to choose from the gas barrel or natural gas. We will attach coincident parts for you to install.


1. The stainless steel brush extends to the bottom of the boiler, and it keeps stirring while cooking. So that the soya milk is evenly heated without burning. The stainless steel brush is easy to remove and adjust, which makes it easy to maintain.
2. Through the temperature sensor and timer controller to monitor the machine, which can save labor costs.
3. You can save the gas cost of 30%, and keep the time of 50% compared to cook by man.
4. The control box of this machine is made of stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic. The boilers have two types: aluminum alloy (60L) and stainless steel (76L).
5. There are two types of energy sources to choose from the gas barrel or natural gas.

Comparison Table

EnergyGas or Natural Gas
Voltage of Control Box110V (25W)110V (25W)110V (60W)110V (60W)
Machine Size65 x 65 x 93 cm / 54 kg78 x 99 x 103 cm / 65 kg
Pot Material / Volume / DiameterAluminum alloy (60L) / 54 cmStainless Steel (76L) / 46cmAluminum alloy (90L) / 60cmStainless Steel (98L) / 50cm
Capacity20 liters to 50 liters30 liters to 75 liters
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