1968 Maw Chang established. Main product are semi-manufactured goods of any product. And researches and develops the agriculture to use the farm tool voluntarily, at that time that also brought the convenience for the agriculture.
1969 Pop corn machinery begins production.
1970 Shave Ice machinery begins production.
1972 Meat Slicer machinery begins production.
1975 Meat grinder machinery and sausage stuffer begin production.
1977 Improving the shave ice machine become the multi-function shave ice machine.
1980 Sugar can juice presser machine and lemon / orange pressing juicer begins production.
2005 Name of Maw Chang Machinery Co., Ltd change name for JYU FONG Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jyu Fong food Machinery Co., Ltd.has been manufacturing food machinery for more than 43 years. With our excellent techniques, we are very experienced in inventing, manufacturing and selling products such as Ice Planer, Juice Presser, Meat Grinder, Meat Slicer, Sealing Machine, Mixer and so on. Because of the efforts we have made, our customers come from the world and we have received positive responses from customers. Please contact us if you are interested.We have been sticking to the principles of high quality and good after-sales service. All of our products are characterized by durability, perfect safety, easy operation procedures, and low maintenance.