• Electric Fine-Tuning Ice Planer (Snow Ice Planer)
Product Feature
  • Increased stability on the base of the machine to prevent shaking while operation.
  • CE Certified
  • Each machine is specially made per production, not massed produced to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Stainless steel spikes are made with food grade material for health and safety regulations.
  • Stainless steel dust covers are easy to clean and prevents outside contamination.
  • Japan made blade for sharpness and blade longevity.
  • Newly designed shaving plate increases shaving speed and consistency.
  • Fast, convenient, and easy to use. Minimum training required.
  • Patented design in Taiwan
Product Specification
Model Electric Fine-Tuning Ice Planer (Snow Ice Planer)
Driving 1/4HP
Net Weight 37KG
L*W*H(cm) 46*33*72