Sausage Filler and Meat Grinder with Large Food Tray

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Sausage Filler and Meat Grinder with Large Food Tray


This sausage and meat grinder is designed for daily business. Rely upon a 2 HP motor and the product is about 400 - 500 kg per hour of grinding and filling the sausages. The volume of the funnel is 36L. The body of the base is made of steel plates, and the foundation of the switch is casting iron. The machine is in medium size, and the weight is 150kg.

Similar to the MC-805 Sausage Mincers and Meat Grinder 1HP, this one has a large-capacity stainless steel funnel and a stainless steel machine arm. The stainless steel funnel can hold 10 - 12 kg of filling at once, and the filling will be pushed to the tube stably by a stainless steel mechanical arm. The motor is steady and can bear long-term use consistently.

There are two kinds of switch. The first one is fixed which can be forward and backward. The other is an external footswitch that is controlled immediately.

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How to maintain the machine?

1. Open the cover in front of the tube and remove the blade and screw.
2. Clean the parts, the stainless steel funnel and the tube with a neutral detergent and water. (Do not wet the motor box.)
3. After cleaning the iron blade and cast iron screw, please put some cooking oil to prevent oxidation.


1. It is used to smashing meat under regular and quickly filling sausage. You can fill the sausages independently.
2. Floor-type is for food processing plants in large quantities.
3. The funnel and machine arm are made of Stainless Steel.
4. The sausage filling attachment is made of Stainless Steel, which is an upgrade from plastic.
5. The machine arm and the screw operate at the same time when you turn on the switch or step on the foot pedal.
6. It works in a closed gear system, which prevents the oil from leaking, easy to maintain, and keeps running smoothly.


● Power: 2Hp
● Voltage: 220V / 60Hz *
● Machine Size / Weight: 97 x 55 x 155 cm / 150 kg
● Package Size / Weight: Wooden Box Packaging
● Size of Cutting Plate: 100 mm
● Volume of Funnel: 36 L
● Capacity: 500 kg per hour of ground meat; 450 kg per hour of filling sausages
● Standard Package: Stainless Steel Funnel x 1 , Blades x 4, Cutting Plates x 4, Footswitch x 1

* We can be customized the voltage. Please leave your requirements down below.


For those specialized in producing sausages and making ground meat.

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